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  1. Make it RIGHT

From the recording In Light of all we can't See

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It don’t mean much
It don’t mean a thing
for pride we fought
alone is what we gained

I’m called each night to defend
arraigned by past mistakes

shame to feel forgotten
Carved in the bark I’m afraid
so many candled wishes
never found the light of day

oh it seems I’ve found the edge
a cliff to bear my shame

You know I’m still – tongue tied shy
Unopened letter – waiting for you to find
Taken the reminders – locked them away
Lie to the mirror – stronger today

Throw down another round – mask that fear
Endured the scars – still nursing the tears
I’ve gotta confess – it’s my cross to bear
Realized the truth – awaits those who dare

Do we ever get – go back make it right?
careless lovers – get it without trying
click your heels – steal that kiss
Fate hesitates – when you forget to wait