1. Release ME

From the recording In Light of all we can't See

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RELEASE ME © 2011 Timothy J. Martin

Haunted the dawn
Before my eyes
Turned right to wrong

Shadow of dismay
Poisoned the seeds I lay
Harvest my anguish

Release me
From your clutch
Sold my honor
Starved my trust

Release me
From your grasp
(blind rage) choke hold
On the Gallows’ mask

Hear me Grandfather
Your voice still soothes
I’m here along side your plow of truth

Hear me [Uncle] Joe I will not rest
Your hands guide my swing
Rage in my breath

Release me
From your clutch
Mired [drowning] my dreams
Choked my luck

Release me
From the past
Dark horse reins
I wheel the axe

Hear me mother
Moon lit with you
You have my word – final truth

Hold me close – remember
Your son is rising
Thank you father for all you’ve asked

Buried you Dark mockery
Marked your grave with the fire of certainty