1. Mermaid SONG

From the recording In Light of all we can't See

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Mermaid Song © Timothy J. Martin 2011
doesn’t it make you want to sing
feel the waves calling
follow the yellow brick horizon into the sea

listen to the mermaids sing
makes this sailor long for the sea
an enchanted voyage is waiting for me

a sea bird’s call said “love conquers all”
silence waited for my reply
an echo of my words sang through the birds
my sentence my own trial

said “guilty sailor you left an anchor at home
you speak of love – but you sing a mermaid’s song”

then the wind’s waves swept her sailor away
on the spell of a song that whispere3d “ forget her name”
but far out to sea the wind became a breeze
then an awful calm took the wind out of his song

no matter how he yelled – he couldn’t fill his sails
he drifted in the insane silence of his own private hell

a sea bird’s call “says love conquers all”
silence was his dying reply