1. Iris

From the recording Daydream Rewind

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Hey you there – sunrise in your eyes
How the market seems to come alive – I don’t know why
Hey you there – flowers blush for you
the colors seem to come alive for – how the colors see to come alive
I don’t know why
Hey you there – where did you go?
Think I’ll come again tomorrow –
I don’t know why
Just to look for you for you, don’t know what I’ll do, just to be a passer by that may catch your eye
just to watch for you – how the color seem to come alive… Oh destiny – entertain me
Now who could blame me
Angel light came early
There so randomly
Oh, destiny – entertain me
I don’t know why
Hey you there – postcard café
Think I’ll leave a flower – then walk away
Just to see what you’d say
As I walked away
Would you ask my name
Left an Iris, a hint you might say
Ya caught my eye
How the colors came alive

// Rhythm Tryst © 2019 TJM